We get a lot of blessing and appreciation for our work; Some of the note worthy words of your patients are listed here.

  • Just a simple "Thank you" note may not be enough to express the gratitude we have for helping us out in our time of need. My personal experience with SRCF team has been very pleasant in all ways. Especially, I want to thank them for the prompt response taken by the staff for any grievance. Regarding the staff hygiene and cleanliness, I’m very much impressed and would always recommend this Assisted Living Home to all others. Thank you for all your support and keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.

    Mr. Kunder
  • First of all we would want to sincerely thank all the staff at SRCF for the care they provide for our loved ones. On Friday it was his birthday and they had a cake cutting for my uncle!! It is difficult to thank in words for the care that all of you provide. Overall our feedback for the facility is very good. The staff is clean and the facility is well maintained. Especially the garden on the ground floor and the sitting tables and chairs are very good. Even the soft music being played in the common areas is a welcome step!! Thank you once again.

    Mr. Burzin
  • Let me first thank you and all your team members for taking very good care of my father Mr. Joshi since he was admitted in SRCF's Assisted Living Home from May 2019 to July 2019. For him it was a homely stay and he never had any complaint. Also, whenever we used to visit SRCF on weekends or other days the staff has always welcomed us with a smiling face. We have also noticed that all the rooms were kept very clean and all the staff members were quite attentive to my father as well as other patients.There is positive energy in the air of SRCF because of SRCF Team's positive approach to patient's care. The entire SRCF Team has taken much better care as compared to the same taken by Hospital Staff. We have also seen happiness on the face of other patients whenever we had visited SRCF. We will definitely recommend SRCF's name to others due to high level of care & cleanliness, quality food, personal attention to each patient, cordial behaviour of all the staff (door keeper, attendents, nurses etc.). Lastly, I would like to mention that SRCF is the BEST REHABILITATION CARE CENTER in Pune.

    Mr. Suhas Joshi
    (Son of Late Mr R. Joshi)
  • This is to place my gratitude and appreciation of the work being done by SRCF in looking after my brother, Mr. Wadhwani. At a point, when it was beyond my capacity to take care of my brother, SRCF was a big help in bridging that gap. I am thankful to the entire staff of SRCF in taking care of our loved ones. Again a big thank you to all for everything!

    Pushpa Shahani
    (Sister of Mr. Wadhwani)
  • I am very grateful and in debted to you all forever.Though my mom's stay was very short but I know you all gave your best to her. Unfortunately my mom didnt live long enough as her health condition was critical. If she had lived little more I am sure she would have walked out of your place smiling and on her own feet. But I must state here that I can never forget the farewell she got all thanks to your team. They bathed her in hot water and draped her saree so beautifully, and made her look so beautiful, exactly the way she would have wanted to go. Even I couldn't have managed that! Thanks for doing that so lovingly. Ever grateful.

    Dr. Dsouza
    (Daughter of Mrs. Choudhary )
  • I just wanted to say what a wonderful caregiver my mother had in SRCF. She was admitted at Akansha Home at a very critical stage but within a week she was out off oxygen supply which was a rebirth to her. The entire staff over here is very well trained, loving, caring, patience and gives utmost care & attention to all the residents. Thanks to all once again.

    Mrs. V Rangarajan
    (Daughter of Mrs. Rajalakshmi)
  • Never had a chance to thank you properly in the last month or so for your help. Really appreciate your help in getting me good and capable nursing attendants for my father, while he was bed ridden in January (2015). These guys were very well mannered and very efficient, and most importantly trustworthy. In fact my family was very impressed and thankful for their support in our crucial time, so much so that my mother was spared a lot of pain and physical efforts to manage my father. I am also grateful for your prompt response and help whenever I required these services. I remember calling you for help and was never disappointed. I wish there was some way I could show this in action.

    Ms. Geeta
  • Mr Rama is 86 years old. He suffered an ischemic stroke. He was discharged from a leading hospital in Pune after 11 days where he was stabilized. He is paralysed on the right side and is unable to communicate. He is presently bed ridden and is completely dependent for all his basic needs. He is being fed with a Ryle’s Tube and requires position change regularly. Physiotherapeutic mobilization has been done and now he requires regular passive physiotherapy. Sanctus team has taken complete ownership of his rehabilitation process. Nurses, Nursing Attendants, Physiotherapy are being given to the patient at home. All other requirements of the patients from medical equipment, disposable items like diapers, medicines etc are being provided to the patient by Sanctus in a timely and cost effective manner.

    Mr. Rama
  • Mr Datta is 91 year old patient with multiple medical conditions. He has serious kidney problems which have caused his legs to be swollen. He finds it difficult to move without assistance and is therefore forced to do his ablutions near his bed. As his mobility had decreased, he tended to sleep on one side. His position needed to be changed regularly. Also, he could not often sleep at night and would try to get up from bed repeatedly risking a fall. Sanctus team has been managing Mr Datta’s care for the last 2 months including hygiene maintenance, assistance in Activities of Daily Living and monitoring him at night, oral medication management etc. Sanctus team has taken complete ownership of his rehabilitation process. Nurses, Nursing Attendants, Physiotherapy are being given to the patient at home. All other requirements of the patients from medical equipment, disposable items like diapers, medicines etc are being provided to the patient by Sanctus in a timely and cost effective manner.

    Mr. Datta
  • Excellent attitude and commitment of the staff – compassionate handling of the patient

    Family of Mr. Datta
  • Affectionate, adjusting and caring staff which was a lot of help in my mother’s care. Sincerely appreciate the care provided and May God Bless you and your family. I also learnt a lot on bed side care of the patient from Sanctus’s staff. Thanks again.

    Ms. Poonam
  • My Dad and Mom had lived for many years in pune and I was working overseas. After my Moms death my father was very clear that he wanted to be independent and manage things on his own. Living alone was not possible and Old age home was our preferred option. I showed him many care facilities in pune and he had many reservations. Eventually we came to Akanksha and he immediately liked the building and his room. At that point they had more staff than seniors. My father was the second resident of Akanksha – Baner when they opened the facility in Feb 2017. He was 83 years and had no medical precondition and was independent and mobile. The only draw back he had was severe loss in hearing in one of the ears. I was a regular weekly visitor to the facility and in all these years my Dad and me developed a bound with the attendants and we use to include them in our discussions in the ground floor waiting area. My father considered that place his own garden and use to spend his morning tending to the plants. He was very fortunate that even though he needed a personal attendant for a very brief time , everybody use to look out for him in the facility. He was very found of tea and he loved the food served. The afternoons he used to spend playing carrom with few seniors and staff. Over time Akanksha became his home and the staff were actually his neighbours. he had no complaints about service or care or food in the span of 3.5 years he stayed. My dad passed away on 6th July 2020 in midst of all the Covid 19 crisis after a brief illness , I felt that it was no coincidence that his funeral was carried out by 2 family members and 2 of his neighbours from Akanksha . I am thankful to the team for doing such a wonderful job of giving care for the elderly. I have visited the facility at varied times in past 3.5 years and found the staff to be friendly and willing to engage and give updates. I feel that senior care is much more than sterile rooms , good accounting and food facility and SRCF have that human touch and expertise which is really essential. My sincere thanks and gratitude to all the SRCF team for making my Dads stay so pleasant and memorable. I would highly recommend the facility for senior care in Pune.

    Mr Deepak Bhide (Son of late Mr. Bhide)

Ms. Usha Joshi Resident

Ms. Pushpa Shahani

Vijay Ambre Resident

Charmaine Sadhwani Resident