We are aiming to work on/participate in high quality research opportunities, surveys etc around elder health issues, delivery of health care, public health issues for elders, social and family issues for elders etc.

We are working on several research ideas and are actively looking for research partners and sponsors.

1. A Cross Sectional study to assess malnutrition status of elderly in an urban slum to assess a) Nutritional status of elderly and b) Find correlates of nutritional status.
2. To identify and develop red flag signs in geriatric population (>60 years ) requiring immediate hospital admission by a multipurpose worker and measuring effect on the outcomes and mortality of the elderly population
3. Management of Persons with Dementia (Middle Stage) and associated Caregiver Strain: Comparative study of structured Day Care Program and Waitlist Control.

1. Home Care For The Elderly: A Situational Analysis Of Elderly In Pune City, Project Location: Ramtekdi (Pune)