Tata Trusts have supported the work of Sanctus Rehabilitation Care Foundation in the city of Pune. The various services offered by SRCF will address the long awaited needs of geriatric population in urban setting with a specific focus on training of caregivers for home based services. In addition, SRCF will develop models for community based geriatric care services.

FIL is committed in its role as a corporate citizen in supporting socially responsible enterprises that make a real difference in the society. We believe that the true goal of Corporate Social Responsibility should be to empower entities like Sanctus Rehabilitation Care Foundation (SRCF), which are creating a new and compassionate system of care for elders and patients. SRCF, through its work, is charting a sustainable and dependable paradigm for affordable home health care and center based support for elders with cognitive disabilities. FIL is proud to support SRCF in its endeavors as it grows ahead further.

General Purpose Donations

Name Of Donor Amount Rs.
Mr. Sachindra Pal Tyagi 10,000
Mr. Subhash Arora 10,000
Gp. Capt. Kaushal 10,000
Kamal Kant 5,000
Mrs. Bhatia 500
Total Rs. 93,950

In-Kind Donations

Name Of Donor Amount Rs. Perticulars
Mr. Dinesh Bharat 18,450 Computer