Mother and Baby Care

For most women and babies, the postnatal period is uneventful and uncomplicated; however care must be taken during this period to address any deviation from expected recovery after birth. In a majority of the uncomplicated cases, after the initial euphoria is over, both the baby and mother require support, guidance and awareness to tackle common problems of post delivery period.

Our cadre of Home Care Medical Assistants have been trained in Post Natal Care in accordance with a specially designed structured protocol. Individualized care is provided under supervision of a senior nurse. The spectrum of care includes:

Mother Care

  • Breast care (Breast examination, Breast engorgement care, Breast Milk collection)
  • Postnatal care (Perineal Care, Care of private parts and hygiene, Padding)
  • Postnatal exercises (FTND mother, LSCS Mother)
  • Vital signs monitoring (TPR and BP, Thermoregulation)
  • Pain relief measures
  • Nutritional requirements of Mother
  • Nebulization and steam
  • Management of Puerperium

Baby Care

  • Baby feeding (Breast Feeding, Bati Spoon Feeding, RT Feeding, Burping of Baby)
  • Kangaroo Mother care
  • Vital signs monitoring (TPR &BP, Thermoregulation)
  • Baby bath (Handling of Baby’s Articles)
  • Baby basic care (Diaper changing, Baby wrapping/Mummification)
  • Baby nutrition
  • Nebulization and steam
  • Early identification of Baby’s illness
  • Safety methods of medication (Safety measures)
  • Proper sterilization and sanitation