Home Care

Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, and other neuro-degenerative disorders are characterized by memory loss and cognitive decline that interfere with daily life and progressively weaken thought processing ability resulting in changes in mood, behaviour and memory and an increase in risk of injury.

To support Dementia patients, our team consisting of care providers, Physiotherapists and Psychologists, offers a comprehensive plan which includes:

  • Encouragement, engagement and performance in activities of daily living (Bathing, Grooming, Eating etc).
  • Supervision in the performance of activities of daily living when the patient is unable to do so.
  • Providing mind-stimulating activities and encouraging social interaction.
  • Assistance in maintaining a safe environment.
  • Managing medications and other co-existing diseases.
  • Supporting patients when they become entirely dependent.

SRCF offers 24 hours residential and rehabilitative support to individuals with Dementia at its Old Age Home and Assisted Living Facility in Baner, Pune.