Day Care Service

Providing an alternative way of supporting Persons with Dementia (PwDs), and other problems such as anxiety, depression, etc, SRCF is offering Day Care support at Akanksha, a 24 hour Old Age Home and Assisted Living Facility. Supporting the medication based management of PwDs activities are designed according to individual needs for social and cognitive stimulation. Our qualified and trained staff supports PwDs in a warm and supportive environment – all of which are known to improve quality of life outcomes. This approach also provides much needed respite to families and caregivers of the PwDs and reduces their stress.

The Centre is professionally managed with a team of Staff Doctor, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurses and trained Medical Attendants.

Combined with our home care team, we offer day residents and their families support all through the day, with Centre based care during the day and nurse/medical attendant support at night, at affordable prices. Furthermore, we are able to continue caring for our elders by extending 24 hour residential support at Akanksha.